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Fraun­ho­fer-Insti­tut für Pho­to­ni­sche Mikro­sys­teme IPMS

Das Fraun­ho­fer-Insti­tut für Pho­to­ni­sche Mikro­sys­teme ist eines von 76 Insti­tu­ten der Fraun­ho­fer-Gesell­schaft, einer der füh­ren­den Orga­ni­sa­tio­nen für ange­wandte For­schung in Europa.

Mas­ter the­sis: Cha­rac­te­ri­za­tion of Plasma Para­me­ters in Reac­tive Ion Etching pro­ces­ses


At the Fraun­ho­fer Insti­tute for Pho­to­nic Micro­sys­tems IPMS, we are working at the top inter­na­tio­nal level onnanoelec­tro­nic, mecha­ni­cal and opti­cal com­pon­ents and their inte­gra­tion into tiny, "smart" devices and­sys­tems.

Star­ting from Oct 1st, 2022 an exci­ting topic for a mas­ter the­sis in the field of Reac­tive Ion Etching is avail­able. This plasma based pro­cess tech­no­logy plays a major role in the semi­con­duc­tor manu­fac­tu­ring since it crea­tes bil­li­ons of devices with nano­me­ter pre­cision in one step. The con­ti­nuous deve­lop­ment of these tech­no­lo­gies in coope­ra­tion with indus­try part­ners is car­ried out in the busi­ness unit Cen­ter Nanoelec­tro­nic Tech­no­lo­gies (CNT) at Fraun­ho­fer IPMS in Dres­den. The CNT con­ducts rese­arch on 300 mm wafers for micro­chip manu­fac­tu­rers, sup­pliers, equip­ment manu­fac­tu­rers and R&D part­ners in clean room and labo­ra­tory faci­li­ties. The CNT offers pro­cess and tech­no­logy deve­lop­ment as well as ser­vices on ultra large scale inte­gra­tion (ULSI) level in the FEoL and BEoL area of various CMOS tech­no­logy nodes.

What you will do

  • Setup and exe­cu­tion of pro­cess win­dow inves­ti­ga­ti­ons on inno­va­tive indus­trial plasma etching equip­ment in a pro­ject with part­ners from semi­con­duc­tor indus­try
  • App­li­ca­tion of equip­ment for plasma ana­ly­tics: mass spec­tro­scopy (QMS), opti­cal emis­sion spec­tro­scopy (OES), elec­tron spec­tro­scopy (SEERS)
  • Opti­mi­za­tion of mea­su­ring sys­tems for plasma ana­ly­tics
  • Eva­lua­tion and inter­pre­ta­tion of mea­su­red data in terms of opti­mi­za­tion of plasma etching pro­ces­ses
  • Cha­rac­te­ri­za­tion of etched wafers using ellip­so­me­try, AFM and SEM

Erwartete Qualifikationen:

What you bring to the table

  • Cur­r­ently: Mas­ter pro­gram in phy­sics, app­lied sci­en­ces, pro­cess engi­nee­ring, che­mi­stry or rela­ted stu­dies
  • First expe­ri­ence in the area of vacuum and plasma tech­no­lo­gies, semi­con­duc­tor manu­fac­tu­ring pro­ces­ses, pre­fer­a­bly Reac­tive Ion Etching, and plasma ana­ly­tic sys­tems
  • Abi­lity to work with vacuum sys­tems and to handle and eva­luate large amounts of mea­su­rement data (in Excel, Ori­gin or Mat­lab)
  • Com­mit­ment, relia­bi­lity as well as enthu­si­asm for working in a team and for expe­ri­men­ting
  • Flu­ent Eng­lish, ide­ally also Ger­man
  • At best you have already some expe­ri­ence of working in the lab or clean room

Unser Angebot:

We offer you an exci­ting topic and indi­vi­dual sup­port in the pre­pa­ra­tion of your the­sis by expe­ri­en­ced employees. A moti­va­ted and dyna­mic team awaits you in a very well equip­ped, rese­arch and deve­lop­ment envi­ron­ment, which is very close to the semi­con­duc­tor fab faci­lity. In addi­tion, we offer you con­nec­ting points wit­hin the frame­work of your stu­dies or your career entry, e.g. a fol­lo­wing PhD, the begin­ning of your sci­en­ti­fic career as a junior sci­en­tist at Fraun­ho­fer IPMS or beco­m­ing an engi­neer. We sup­port you in this pro­cess!

We value and pro­mote the diver­sity of our employees' skills and the­re­fore wel­come all app­li­ca­ti­ons - regard­less of age, gen­der, natio­na­lity, eth­nic and social ori­gin, reli­gion, ideo­logy, disa­bi­lity, sexual ori­en­ta­tion and iden­tity. Severely dis­ab­led per­sons are given pre­fe­rence in the event of equal sui­ta­bi­lity.

The wee­kly working time is to be agreed indi­vi­dually. The sci­en­ti­fic work will be car­ried out in the busi­ness unit Nano­sys­tem Tech­no­logy (NST) at Fraun­ho­fer IPMS in Dres­den. The exami­na­tion takes place via affi­lia­ti­on­with a Ger­man uni­ver­sity of app­lied sci­en­ces and is gover­ned by the respec­tive state uni­ver­sity law. The­po­si­tion is limi­ted for the time of the sci­en­ti­fic work.
With its focus on deve­lo­ping key tech­no­lo­gies that are vital for the future and enab­ling the com­mer­cial uti­li­za­tion of this work by busi­ness and indus­try, Fraun­ho­fer plays a cen­tral role in the inno­va­tion pro­cess. As a pioneer and cata­lyst for ground­brea­king deve­lop­ments and sci­en­ti­fic excel­lence, Fraun­ho­fer helps shape society now and in the future.

Have we arou­sed your inte­rest? Then apply online now with your mea­ning­ful app­li­ca­tion docu­ments. We look for­ward to get­ting to know you!

Human Resour­ces Depart­ment I Mrs. Isa­bell Zwin­scher I Phone: +49 (0)351 8823 1227
Spe­cialty Depart­ment I Mrs. Dr. Var­vara Brack­mann I Phone: +49 (0)351 2607 3015

Fraun­ho­fer-Insti­tut für Pho­to­ni­sche Mikro­sys­teme IPMS