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172982Rese­arch Asso­ci­ate (PhD or Post­doc) “Pro­gram­ming Lan­guage/Com­piler Tech­no­logy” (m/f/d)
172981Rese­arch Asso­ci­ate (PhD or Post­doc) “Trus­ted Exe­cu­tion Envir­on­ments” (m/f/d)
172980Rese­arch Asso­ci­ate (PhD or Post­doc) “For­mal Veri­fic­a­tion” (m/f/d)
172979Rese­arch Asso­ci­ate: Phys­ical Layer Secur­ity (m/f/d)
172978Rese­arch Asso­ci­ate: Joint Com­mu­nic­a­tions and Radar Sens­ing (m/f/d)
172977Rese­arch Asso­ci­ate for Hard­ware Secur­ity (m/f/d)
172976Rese­arch Asso­ci­ate / Post­doc “IT-Secur­ity & Pri­vacy” (m/f/d)
172975Research Group Leader “Wire­less Con­nectiv­ity” (m/f/d)
172974Research Group Leader “Wire­less Con­nectiv­ity” (m/f/d)
172973Pro­jekt­con­trol­ling (m/w/d)
172972Student Assistant – IC Design and Layout (m/f/d)
172971Student Assistant – RF Measurement and Testbed Development (m/f/d)
172970Deputy Group Leader “Connected Robotics Lab” (m/f/d)
172969Software-Defined-Radio and Testbed Engineer (m/f/d)
172968Deputy Group Leader “Connected Robotics Lab” (m/f/d)
172967Software-Defined-Radio and Testbed Engineer (m/f/d)
172966Student Assistant – Antenna Design and Measurement (m/f/d)
161271Praktikant (m/w/d) im Bereich Suspensionsentwicklung mit Photopolymeren
161268Studentische Hilfskraft (m/w/d) im Bereich Suspensionsentwicklung mit Photopolymeren
161220Diplom-/Mas­ter­ar­beit im Bereich Labor-Digi­ta­li­sie­rung